A senior .NET type of person

Consafe Logistics Group | Malmö

A senior .NET type of person Hello world you! And welcome to the ad, I mean, I won’t say that it’ll change your life or anything, but if a job ad could, this would be it. Because this is where you leave your troubled past behind you to join a new band, the hectic ping pong league, the golf team, the HIT workouts during lunch hours, the local sports league of innebandy, the past, the present and the fuuuuture of managing warehouses around the globe; Consafe logistics!

Now that I have your attention, let me tell you about Astro WMS®. Retailwholesalemanufacturing or 3PL, no matter what your business is your warehouse is packed full with activities. People picking, forklifts driving, boxes being placed on shelves, and deliveries being made. And to optimize the warehouse operations you need warehouse management to handle the What, When, and Where of it all. A Warehouse Management System (WMS) makes it possible to optimize replenishment and pick rounds, reduce picking errors, and keep constant real time track of performance.

That’s from their website, nice right? It’s obvious every retail company in the world needs to get the home made WMS of Consafe logistics (you know, apart from all the companies that already do have it, such as a quaint local Danish beer maker, Carls beer… or something) but what do they need? Well, they need you!

So who are you? Well, you are much more windows and especially Linux than mac, and you are much more .NET than C, even though you and C probably have some history together. You are a natural born sharer, meaning, if you enter a workplace knowing something nobody else does, it will only be a few months until you’ve made sure to share your talents and skills with the team like the teacher you are!

The goal here is to take something huge, let’s say the very core to a WMS which is C-based and turn it into C#/.NET based. Easy peasy lemon squeezy, you say? Fantastic! Then we assume you also know how to build frameworks with your right hand tied behind your back. Also, are you a friend of Dockers? If so, fantastic! If not: that’s ok too!

Who will you be working with? Your team currently consists of 4 people (soon to be 5!) and they are the equivalent to the everyday avengers. If the avengers were a team whose focus was change management in a logistics company. See, the team members are an architect, a project manager a .NET:er, and a tester, you can name them suitable avenger character names yourself, but I’d like to think of the architect as Nick Fury. Don’t get me wrong though, apart from teaching your fellow developers a little bit about .NET you are going to work with development. Also, apart from your 4 closest colleagues, there are 246 more in the building and almost all of them are up for a quick match of Ping pong if you’d feel like it (we just made that up, we have no idea how many of them actually like ping pong).

Location, location, location? Exotic Lund.

Languages?.NET, English, C-familiarity, maybe a tad Swedish and another tad Docker.

Well, you’re not a graduate, that’s for sure. You’ve probably spent a solid 7 (and up) years with .NET.

For questions or a fun chat; contact Agnes.Billgren@emploid.se or; 0793182939